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Brown 12" L Seat Belt
Brown 12" L Seat Belt

Seatbelt Strap Pad 12" long Merino Sheepskin Multi-use Shoulder Seat Belt Cover

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All Around Merino Sheepskin Shoulder Strap Pad! You get the best Made in USA Quality with the most choice of colors!!
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ONE All Around Merino Sheepskin Seat Belt Shoulder Strap Pad!
YOU GET THE BEST Made in USA QUALITY WITH THE MOST CHOICE OF COLORS!! Each pad easily wraps around most FLAT straps up to 2 inches wide with our 2" wide hook & loop fastener. WHEN OPENED UP FLAT it is 4" wide x apx 11 1/2 inches long. We sew a 2" strip of the soft LOOP side of Velcro. The 3/4 inch strip of HOOK Velcro is sewn flat to the leather side of the sheepskin and does NOT add any bulk or width. MEASURE AROUND your straps before purchasing to be sure these will fit. JMS does special orders!. Contact Just Merino Sheepskin Products at 1-800-323-WOOL or email: JMSP[email protected]
Our specially selected one-inch thick wool is the cushion you crave when a heavy item is digging into your muscles.
They will actually make bags feel lighter!
After 33 years these are still my favorite product!!
They are so versatile and comfortable you'll find yourself wanting more!
Use it to pad:
  • Guitar straps
  • Sports Equipment Gear Bag straps
  • Luggage straps
  • Carry-on Bags
  • Purse Straps
  • Computer Case Straps
  • Camera Bags
  • Binocular Strap Padding
  • Rifle Slings
  • Diaper Bags
  • Airplane and Theater Armrests
  • Arm Slings straps to keep them from chafing your neck!
  • BUY TWO for use as Backpack strap pads
On trips: I've used mine on my car seat belt, changed it to my luggage strap, then used it to pad the hard plastic airline seat's armrests.
After the flight it goes on to the rental cars seat belt strap. In a pinch it opens up to lay flat as a TUSH CUSHION during sightseeing trips!
The only thing you'll hate is yourself - after you've accidentally left it behind during your trip! Been there - done that;-(
JMS also offers the largest selection of colors. 

Made on our ranch in Southern Arizona by honest American labor from imported Australian Merino sheep hides.
Why Australian Merino? Because the Australians grow the best sheep in the large quantity that we need to buy and, the Merino sheeps' wool makes THE BEST PADS and cushions!!
We've been making these since 1986. We use full hides. We hand-trace and hand-cut each item and machine sew the Velcro on to each sheepskin pad.
(Cheap foreign-made manufacturers use small sheepskin scraps sewn together and usually cover the leather side with fabric to hide all the seams and thin leather.)
Why are OUR Sheepskin Shoulder Strap Pads a better buy than the cheaper ones? Because our wool is a thicker, better quality; the leather side is stronger; the wool depth is longer to provide more padding, the Velcro attachment is wider to fit more straps; our pads are sewn from large pieces in the USA; they are washable, more durable and you get a choice of 10 colors instead of just 2 colors!!
Yes, we do custom sewing! Message me at JMSP[email protected]

"Dear JMSProductsUSA, Thank you so very much for the swift delivery of my order for a Sheepskin 12â€ÃƒÆ’â€Å¡Ãƒâ€šÃ‚ Seat Belt Strap Pad. The Merino wool pad, attached to a luggage strap, will ease my burdens considerably during an upcoming trip abroad--- is as well built as it is attractive. The natural tan color of the piece matches beautifully with the red-brown hue of my goatskin overnighter. I read from the materials enclosed with my order that you are very much an entrepreneurial business, one that cares deeply about craftsmanship and service. In that regard, please allow me to wish you many (more) happy years of success!" -David, MI

If you have any concerns please write me with the strap circumference measurement before buying. Contact Just Merino Sheepskin Products at 1-800-323-WOOL or email: [email protected]

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