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Pony Size Halter Cheek Pads 5 Inch Long

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The open width of these is 3 inches wide which means they will fit straps AROUND that are no bigger than 3 inches in circumference.

This is for ONE set of 2 pieces

You should measure AROUND the straps you want to cover to be sure these will fit before purchasing.  Perfect for cheek pads on your Pony's halter straps! Also will fit other Pony Halter straps.

They will also work great as a comfortable noseband pad for your Llama, Goats, Sheep, or mini-horse halters.

BE less irritated while using any strap, armrest, bag handle, shoulder strap, horse bridle or halter strap you can think of to wrap these soft little sheepskin fuzzy pads around. You'll get ONE SET of 2!! You can wrap thicker bulkier items because the velcro attaches together making the TWO pieces work like one LARGE PAD.

The velcro hook and loop closure is already sewn on. The sheepskin is one-inch wool pile REAL Australian Merino. The sewing is hefty and happy all American labor!

These pieces are HAND cut from our full sheepskin Australian Merino hides. They have a real leather backing topped by a one-inch thick wool layer. They are washable.

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