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10" Long Wheelchair Arm Rest Pads
10" Long Wheelchair Arm Rest Pads

PAIR of 10" L Real Sheepskin Scooter & Wheelchair Armrest Pads also fits Rockers & Office chairs

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ONE PAIR of real Sheepskin ARMREST PADS make comfortable WHEELCHAIR or Office Chair or ROCKING CHAIR ARMRESTs!
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ONE PAIR of real Sheepskin WHEELCHAIR, Rocker or Office Chair ARMREST COVERS! An Original Design by Judith of JMS Products.  

  • Choice of 9 colors: Black, Brown, Tan, Medical Ivory, Burgundy, Grey, Navy, White or Green.
  • We hand-trace, hand-cut, and machine sew each pair. All made in the USA on our ranch in So. Arizona. 
  • We use imported PREMIUM quality Australian Merino Sheepskin
  • Extra-thick one inch deep wool pile on top with natural leather backing.
  • Each armrest cover provides 10 inches long x 3 inches wide of real sheepskin padding. 
  • An adjustable hook and loop fastener system wraps around the armrest underneath expanding 10 inches in circumference to fit a variety of chair arm styles.  
  • Free Shipping via 1st class parcel.  Cost elsewhere. 
  • If you're wrapping the pads around skinny armrests you can add extra foam padding underneath.
  • (Hint: You'll get longer use out of the sheepskin armrest pads if you rotate them around so the same sheepskin area isn't getting all the pressure.)

These are WASHABLE! Care instructions are sewn-in but I'll cover it here since many people write asking:

For OUR quality sheepskin products you can brush up the wool pile with a dog slicker brush or vacuum the armpads between washings to keep it fluffy. To clean: Hand wash in lukewarm water using gylcerin soap, or shampoo with built-in conditioner or regular hand soap. DO NOT use detergents or high heat in water or dryers. Squeeze out excess water, roll in a towel like a fine sweater to further squeeze out water and then AIR DRY ONLY by laying it on a table. Flip it over every few hours so the wool can dry evenly with the leather side. Brush the wool to fluff after washing.

This is the same quality sheepskin that we use to make wheelchair seat cushions, chair pads, and crutch pad covers. We also sell Medical Sheepskin rugs for use on beds or chairs to prevent bedsores. Check out the other items on our website or email: [email protected] 

Custom orders available. Just Merino Sheepskin aka: JMS Products 1-800-323-WOOL.

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