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LONG STRIPS 1 Pound Long Sheepskin Hide Strips for DIY Dog Toys, Tug Toys, Crafting, Art

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Extra Long Strips of Genuine Australian Merino Sheepskin. This 1 Pound order will contain beautiful, rich, hide strips of Black, Brown, Tan (and some other colors as available).  On average 1 pound will consist of approximately 10-12 long strips that are 1.5 - 2 feet long and about 1" wide on the leather side.

The pieces are the perfect size for making your own Dog Tug Toys. Pets love to play and tug on these natural leather pieces. Braid them together for a fun toy or play with individual strips. Cats love to chase a long strip of this sheepskin hide. 

They range in size but most are about 1.5 - 2 feet long and an inch or more wide.
The wool side is neatly trimmed to one-inch wool length. The leather side may have ink marks from our pattern work.  

My business, Just Merino Sheepskin, imports Australian Merino Wool to our ranch in Arizona where we make a variety of products for horses, people and pets. We strive to have a zero waste studio. Instead of throwing away the scraps we want you to have them for your crafting needs.

These pieces are washable and durable, please follow directions for washing included on the back of your packing insert. 

Wool is a natural insulation and sound barrier and it is fire-safe (Rated DNI, "Does Not Ignite")
Merino Wool Hide is an incredibly versatile product, some projects customers have used them for include:

Wall Hangings
Pet Bed Stuffing
diy pom poms
Woodworking stain pads and buffing 
Pillow stuffing
Patchwork hats, mittens, slippers and insoles
felted animals
cat toys
dog toys
ferret beds
nesting for small or (large!) pets
Baby & Seniors sensory play
bathroom rugs
cleaning leather, granite, ceramics and polishing silver

Enjoy your sheepskin Craft Strips.  We'd love to see what you use them for so please send us photos for our Customer Wall of Fame! 
Total of 1 POUND of sheepskin pieces. Free Ship to U.S. addresses only.  Cost elsewhere.  

Thank you for buying from Just Merino Sheepskin.

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