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Tan Hackamore Cover
Tan Hackamore Cover

JMS Quality Sheepskin HACKAMORE COVER Comforts HORSES or CAMELS!!

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GOOD WIDE PAD FITS MANY Nylon webbing or leather HACKAMORES round or flat 
STRAPS for your horses COMFORT.
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Famous USA maker Just Merino Sheepskin JMS Products equestrian necessities Sheepskin HACKAMORE cover in Choice of 11 colors!
Fits Hackamores, felt padded halter noseband straps, and bridles straps;
or any 3/4 to 1 1/4 inch wide strap chafing a horses or Camel's tender nose area.
This Hackamore pad is specially made 10 inches long on the velcro part with rounded sheepskin ends extending nearly another 2" off each side. (They can be cut off if you don't need the extra hackamore padding.)
Perfect for regular animal halter halters, rope halters, cribbing strap padding, nosebands too or for your own luggage strap pad!
Use as a cushion on polo or breast straps, chin straps, cheeks, browbands, cruppers, etc. Anywhere it will fit!
Easy hook and loop fastener sewn to the sheepskin wraps around a variety of straps.
Be creative! You might even find a use we haven't thought of!
One-inch thick REAL wool-on-leather pile is washable! Made in USA of imported Australian Merino Sheepskin.
We ship quick via First Class mail in a large envelope. FREE SHIPPING to U.S. addresses. Costs for elsewhere. Two Hackamore covers are shown so you can see both sides of the unique shape.

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