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FERRET FUN! Natural Merino Sheepskin Bedding & Toys Ferrets Love!

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Ferrets love tugging, tossing, hiding and sleeping in our natural sheepskin. Get your fill with our 3 pound box of mixed color sheepskin pieces.
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Ferrets have fun romping through and snuggling in our sheepskin pieces!! 
Same quality wool that we use to make our sheepskin HUMAN COMFORT Products: Crutch Pads, Walker Hand Grip Pads, Armrests and wheelchair covers. All proven to prevent bed sores and speed healing thru better rest!

This is for one cardboard box (total ship weight 3 pounds) of our real sheepskin scraps as left over from our hand-tracing, hand-cutting manufacturing process. Three pounds jam packs a 10x10x10 cube box.
You will receive a mix of colors as available in Tan, Black, Brown, Burgundy, Green, Red, White, Blue and Grey. Colors will vary as selected.
For comfort you can't beat real sheepskin fibers! With the one-inch wool pile it is the optimum for providing beneficial, healing air-flow, while padding and cushioning delicate skin.  It is the only healthy, natural alternative to fake fleece. Animals love our sheepskin pieces for the same cushioning comfort! We've had owners of Monkey's, Ferrets, Cats, and Dogs share cute stories with us about how much their beloved companions loved to sleep on their pet bed pads, or play with the sheepskin pieces. Animals just seem to sense it is real and natural and love our sheepskin PET TOYS!
You are buying 3 lbs of small to medium sized sheepskin scraps in mixed colors. Non-toxic and washable!  
BONUS: Each box will have our hand-drawn cut-outs ready for you to open up a series of shapes for your ferret to crawl through and play in!

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