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Deluxe 4 Piece Grazing Muzzle Sheepskin Halter Pad Set

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Deluxe Sheepskin Grazing Muzzle 4 Piece Pad Set

4 Piece Sheepskin Pad set for Best Friend Grazing Muzzle (also fits other standard horse size grazing muzzles)

Set includes: ONE Crown w/Velcro, ONE Grazing Muzzle Pad, and TWO 6" Cheeks.

All made in U.S.A. from imported Australian Merino Sheepskin. Each Sheepskin pad has one-inch thick plush wool fibers with natural leather backing as mother nature makes it to pad and protect your horses tender nose while wearing the grazing muzzle.

CUSTOM ORDERS OUR SPECIALITY! Email us: [email protected]


**You are NOT buying the nylon grazing muzzle. Just the sheepskin noseband liner! We recommend BEST FRIEND Grazing Muzzle (as pictured) but these noseband pads will cover the other muzzles as well.

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