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CHILD SIZE Sheepskin English Saddle Seat Cushion

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Soft Merino SHEEPSKIN SADDLE SEAT CUSHION PADS CHILD SIZE English Style Saddles. Fits 15" Seats or smaller

JMS Products hand-selects the thickest Australian Merino SHEEPSKIN for each cover. Choice of 9 colors!

This English Seat Saver will fit most Child Size Saddles up to 15". There is a sturdy Neoprene cantle pocket and an elastic & Velcro gripping band from the front pommel running underneath to the rear cantle; plus, another elastic belly strap in the center. The riders seat bones will be comfortably padded in the seat area while the flared front provides forward seat padding up to the pommel. (Please check measurements of your saddle before purchasing.)

We hand-trace and hand-cut the sheepskin and machine sew these in Arizona from imported Australian Merino Woolskins by Just Merino Sheepskin, JMS Products.

Our Australian Merino Sheepskin is a Plush one-inch pile with the real LEATHER backing just as Mother Nature made it! NO added fabric backing or fake fleece. 

FREE Ship to U.S. Addresses. Cost elsewhere.
Yes, JMS does special orders! Contact [email protected]

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