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4 Pounds Australian Merino Sheepskin Pieces for DIY, Crafting, Art, Pet Toys, Boot and Jacket Repairs 9 COLOR CHOICES

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4 POUNDS Genuine Australian Merino Sheepskin CRAFT Pieces of Just Merino Sheepskin Wool and Leather Hide Crafting Scraps!

Your order of Merino wool scrap will include FOUR POUNDS of Craft pieces of varying sizes in your choice of 9 COLOR CHOICES (or a mixture upon request). These pieces are small to medium PALM SIZE to FINGER SIZE pieces and strips. No pieces are alike, no two packages are the same.

These pieces great for costuming and all sorts of crafting projects: quilting sections, lining leather items, cleaning and staining wood-working projects, etc.  

We hand-trace and hand-cut our products from the full hides and and hope you feel as inspired as we do by the high quality wool hides. Our Merino Wool is trimmed to a one inch pile. The leather hide side may have ink marks from our hand-cut pattern work. 

Since 1986 my business, Just Merino Sheepskin, has imported Australian Merino Wool hides to a our ranch in Arizona where we make a variety of products for horses, people and pets. Instead of throwing away the scraps, we are dedicated to creating as little waste as possible, and want you to have them for your creative crafting and cleaning needs! 

Please note these are small to medium crafting pieces in various sizes and shapes.  Some will be long strips, some will be chunky, etc. They will NOT BE large enough for adult insoles. However, they should work for infant and children's booties and you can sew the pieces together to make adult slippers. 

The wool side is neatly trimmed to one-inch wool length. The leather side may have ink marks from our pattern work.  

If you are interested in a larger purchase please contact us. We usually can customize orders for specific project needs. Plus, we offer discounts for larger quantities.

Little known fact: Wool is a natural insulation and sound barrier and it is fire-safe (Rated DNI, "Does Not Ignite")

These pieces are washable and durable, please follow our directions for washing. They will be included on the back of your order insert. 

Merino Wool Hide is an incredibly versatile product, some projects customers have used them for include:

Wall Hangings

trivets, coasters

felted wool and garland balls

diy pom poms

Woodworking stain pads and buffing 

Line Leather projects

Pad cases

Line inside Armor or artificial limbs

Create your own Shoulder Strap Pads on Guitar, Banjo and Musical Instrument Straps


Pillow stuffing

Trim or sew Patchwork hats, mittens, slippers and insoles

felted animals

cat toys

dog toys

ferret beds

nesting for small or (large!) pets

Baby & Seniors sensory play

cleaning leather, granite, ceramics and polishing silver

Sew them together to create: 


Hand Bags








Pet beds

For comfort you can't beat real sheepskin fibers! With the one-inch wool pile it is the optimum for providing beneficial, HEALING air-flow, while padding and cushioning delicate skin. Proven to prevent bedsores in invalids and to provide a longer, deeper sleep for everyone from babies to adults. Use it to pad arm rests, chairs, beds, straps, etc. It is the only healthy, natural alternative to fake fleece!

Older animals love our sheepskin pieces for the same cushioning comfort - lay the pieces in a box or bed basket for your pet to snuggle in.  Plus, we've had owners of Monkey's, Ferrets, Cats, and Dogs share cute stories about how much their beloved companions loved to play with the sheepskin pieces.  Animals sense it’s real and natural and love our sheepskin!

Enjoy your sheepskin Craft Pieces.  We'd love to see what you use them for so please send us photos for our Customer Wall of Fame! 

Total of 4 POUNDS sheepskin. Free Ship to U.S. addresses only.  Cost elsewhere.  

Thank you for buying from Just Merino Sheepskin.

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