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16" Long Medical Arm Sling Tube Neck Strap Cover Pad Real Sheepskin

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Cush Merino Sheepskin 16 inch long Neck Strap Pad for Shoulder Armslings. Shorter size fits most women, seniors and young adults. Choice of 11 colors. Sewn Tube style to slide on for padding thin cotton or nylon webbing medical straps.
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CUSHY Merino SHEEPSKIN 16" long NECK STRAP PAD For ARM SLINGS. Shorter size fits most women, seniors and young adults. Choice of 11 colors!

IT IS SEWN TUBE style. Slide it on to pad thin cotton or nylon webbing medical straps. See photo's that show how to use a wooden dowel or yardstick to slide your medical strap inside the sheepskin tube. We ship QUICK! Usually within one - two business days. This item ships via 1st Class mail so please allow 2-7 days for delivery depending on how close you are to Arizona.   For Priority mail there is an upgrade charge. 

16 inch long fits most FLAT straps up to 1 1/2 inch wide. Particular good for shoulder slings and belly straps. (Please check measurements before purchasing.) I created this to be comfortable while wearing the BREG SLINGSHOT II three-point shoulder harness after Bancart shoulder surgery this past summer. It will also fit other brands like DeRoyal Arm shoulder padded sling and Don Joy Ultra Slings. Our pad will fit on over the shoulder straps or the waist strap that goes around the belly - as long as they are the same width/thickness straps.

We hand-trace and hand-cut the sheepskin and machine sewed these in Arizona from imported Australian Merino Woolskins by Just Merino Sheepskin, JMS Products.

Sewn TUBE style it measures 16 inches long x 1 3/4 across it's ends openings. This has straight ends. DO NOT CUT THE STITCHING. It voids our warranty and could cause the whole seam to come undone!

The Australian Merino Sheepskin is a Plush one-inch pile with the real LEATHER backing just as Mother Nature made it!

Please note: JMS does NOT recommend cutting our stitching but If you plan on cutting the item to size, YOU MUST hand-tie the thread ends into knots or or to other stitches or else the entire seams can unzip. If you plan on sliding it on to a strap I suggest this little trick: Tape the end of the strap to a wooden dowel or stick - then slide the stick with the strap taped on inside and through the sheepskin tube.

FREE Ship to U.S. Addresses via First Class Mail. International based on location.
For SPECIAL ORDERS Contact Just Merino Sheepskin Products in Arizona at 1-800-323-WOOL or email: [email protected]

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