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10 lbs Natural Sheep Wool Insulation + Soundproofing Non-Toxic Non-Flammable

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Natural alternative to building insulation! Provides Excellent Soundproofing too!
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Builders (Australian's and myself included) have stuffed the interior walls of homes and businesses with sheepskin wool scraps as building insulation for years!  
  • You will receive a mix of colors in small easy to manage pieces.
  • Mostly Black, Brown, or Tan. Colors will vary as selected from storage. 
  • The sheepskin will be small finger sized pieces with real wool on one side and leather backing on the other.
  • It makes an excellent insulation and sound-proofing material! 
  • Bugs don't like it.
  • It's safe, non-toxic.
  • 10 pounds is usually enough to fill the inside of a typical 2 x 4 stud wall 10 square feet.
  • Wool is one of the rare natural materials listed as NON-FLAMMABLE, (rated L-333) - meaning sheepskin/wool does not hold a flame.
  • Just like other building materials you must keep the sheepskin dry and away from moisture.
  • Shipping based on your location. Please note: Unfortunately, shipping costs will be higher than the cost of the sheepskin.  All shipping companies set their own rates based on a combination of the package size and weight.  Arrangements can be made for trucking of larger quantities. No charge for personal pick-up.
The photo shows sheepskin that we put inside our home in 1994. When we expanded the room and took out the wall - the sheepskin was a fresh as the day we dropped it in between the wall boards!


We have customers who have used the sheepskin pieces for art supplies & craft supplies in Elementary, Middle school art classes, Sunday & Vacation Bible Schools, and Summer Camp art classes.
Animals love our sheepskin pieces for the same cushioning comfort! We've had owners of Monkey's, Ferrets, Cats, and Dogs share cute stories with us about how much their beloved companions loved to sleep on their pet bed pads, or play with the sheepskin pieces. Animals seem to sense it is real and natural and love our sheepskin!

For a sewing person, these craft pieces could be sewn together to make one fantastic bed pad, quilt, quilting materials, quilting fabric, or a very necessary arm chair cover.

Leather workers, and horse owners LOVE how thoroughly sheepskin cleans their saddles and applies stains to their leather projects, or line a FLY-Tie or GUN case. CRAFTS PERSONS use it to apply stains and paints or buff projects to a deep luster!

The flexibility of real sheepskin is impressive! It can be cut into shapes with a razor knife or scissors. You can sculpt a 3 dimensional heart or any shape out of it's wool fibers. It can be hand or machine sewn, glued, stapled, the wool fibers trimmed off and spun to make yarn, pounded to make felt, or shaved to expose the leather.

Please read the following FREE HOW-TO INSTRUCTIONS: As you put up the wall boards, drop the sheepskin pieces down inside and evenly tamp with a long stick to distribute around wires and fill gaps. Or, you can staple plastic vapor barrier across the 2 x 4's and tamp-in the wool pieces - then put up your wall boards. Use this safe, non-irritating sheep's wool to line the inside of standard plaster boards, metal, tin, wood slats, wood ship-lap, tongue-in-groove boards, cement boards, drywall, etc. Some customers have blown the sheepskin in using the proper blower equipment.

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