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10 lbs MIX COLORS Merino Sheepskin Medium Wool Craft Scraps

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Medium size sheepskin craft scraps perfect for multi-student class crafts!
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For Teachers, Art Instructors, Crafters, Builders, Fishermen, pet owners, Sewers, Medical supplies, Motorcycles, Auto Detailers, Wood Crafters, Painters, and creative people everywhere Just Merino Sheepskin (JMS) Products SHEEPSKIN CRAFT SCRAPS!


This is PERFECT FOR SCHOOLS, Scout Troops, Daycare, Montessori, or Home School kids' craft classes. 10 pounds of SMALL to MEDIUM sized PREMIUM Sheepskin pieces with one-inch wool pile on the real leather backing - as left over from our hand-tracing, hand-cutting manufacturing process. YOU GET A LOT OF SHEEPSKIN FOR A LB!!!!!! (picture a grocery sack stuffed full and that is about one pound.)

 10 lbs of our medium sized (apx size of your palm in variety of shapes.)  sheepskin craft pieces in mixed colors. The photo shows primary colors of Black, Brown and Tan, but YOU WILL GET A MIX OF OUR OTHER COLORS AS AVAILABLE. If you want all Black or all Brown ~ we have plenty and can adjust the box to accommodate your request - BUT YOU MUST EMAIL ME TO CONFIRM YOUR SPECIAL NEEDS BEFORE BUYING!

We will include our Sheepskin CRAFT PROJECTS GUIDE for FREE with this purchase!! Enjoy easy instructions for multiple items your classes can make using the sheepskin, from decorative to gifty to functional, such as dusters and polishing pads.

You will receive a mix of colors: Tan, Black, Brown, Burgundy, Green, White, Blue, Grey, and Ivory. Colors will vary as selected from our craft scrap barrels.
QUESTIONS? Contact Just Merino Sheepskin Products in Arizona at 1-800-323-WOOL or email: [email protected]

We have customers who have used the sheepskin pieces for art supplies & craft supplies in Elementary, Middle school art classes, Sunday & Vacation Bible Schools, and Summer Camp art classes.
Scrapbook fans cut and glue sheepskin fuzzy picture frames, or scissor-sculpt hearts and such from the pieces to accent their photo pages; Miniature collectors decorate doll houses with hand cut sheepskin rugs and chair pads; fishing fans sew a patch on their fishing vest to hold spare hooks.
Builders (Australian's and myself included) have stuffed the interior walls of homes/businesses with the scraps for building insulation. (It makes an excellent insulation and sound-proofing material; bugs don't like it, and it's one of the rare natural materials that is listed as NON-FLAMMABLE, - meaning sheepskin/wool does not hold a flame - see the picture of sheepskin scraps we used to insulate & sound proof an office wall!)
For comfort you can't beat real sheepskin fibers! With the one-inch wool pile it is the optimum for providing beneficial, healing air-flow, while padding and cushioning delicate skin. Proven to prevent bedsores in invalids and to provide a longer, deeper sleep for everyone from babies to adults when used as a medical skin, or medical sheepskin, or medical pad, or bed underlay, bed pad. MAKES EXCELLENT SHEEPSKIN SEAT COVERS FOR MOTORCYCLES & CARS when you sew them all together!! (Please bid on our larger Black, Brown, Tan or Forest Green pieces for making LARGE pads, slippers, or clothing.) Use it to pad arm rests, chairs, beds, straps, etc. It is the only healthy, natural alternative to fake fleece! Professional weavers use their looms and weave beautiful multi-colored sheepskin rugs using 1/2 inch wide long strips of these scraps!

Hey, and older animals love our sheepskin pieces for the same cushioning comfort! We've had owners of Monkey's, Ferrets, Cats, and Dogs share cute stories with us about how much their beloved companions loved to sleep on their pet bed pads, or play with the sheepskin pieces. Animals just seem to sense it is real and natural and love our sheepskin PET TOYS!

For a sewing person, these craft pieces could be sewn together to make one fantastic bed pad, quilt, quilting materials, quilting fabric, or a very necessary arm chair cover. Use the small pieces and wool fluff as natural stuffing in pillows!

I can go on with the many uses of real sheepskin: One lady sews it as detailing on her teddy bear motif sweatshirts. Another wood-worker uses it for applying stains and painting. Auto collectors love the sheepskin for polishing and cleaning. (Hint, you can glue pieces to the ends of popsicle sticks and clean the tight, small areas in your car's interior, chrome and tires!).
Leatherworkers, and horse owners LOVE how thoroughly sheepskin cleans their saddles and applies stains to their leather projects, or line a gun case and, we've received
RAVE reviews from horse owners praising our sheepskin pads for helping their horses 'relax' during cleanings!

The flexibility of real sheepskin is impressive! It can be cut into shapes with a razor knife or scissors. You can sculpt a 3 dimensional heart or any shape out of it's wool fibers and glue a magnet to the back. Easy Gift!

It can be hand or machine sewn, glued, stapled, the wool fibers trimmed off and spun to make yarn, pounded to make felt, or shaved to expose the leather for even more creative Rennaissance type accessories. Don't forget you can make your own tack, halters, and saddle pads for Model Horses, like Breyer and Grand Champion, etc!!

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