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1 lb Scraps Real Wool Merino Sheepskin Hide

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Crafting scraps to cut, sew, glue, use as stuffing. Any project you can create!
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ONE POUND of REAL Sheepskin scrap pieces great for all sorts of crafting projects, applying stain, refinishing furniture, perfect for cleaning guns, knives and other outdoor equipment after use. The wool side is neatly trimmed to one-inch wool length.  The leather side may be clear or it may have ink marks from our pattern work.

 Pieces average 1 - 3 or 4 inches wide x 3 to 6 inches long.  Some will be larger! No two pieces alike.  You get handfuls from our sheepskin scraps as leftover from my 31 year manufacturing business: Just Merino Sheepskin.

 Cut, sew, staple, wash, buff, clean, apply stains, dust, pad, stuff pillows or pet beds, Wool is a natural insulation and sound barrier and it is fire-resistant. (Rated DNI, "Does Not Ignite")

Washable following the included care instructions on the packing list insert.

 Please note these are small to medium crafting pieces in various sizes and shapes.  Some will be long strips, some will be chunky, etc. They will NOT be large enough for adult insoles. However, if you were knitting infant and children's booties - they could line the bottom of those.

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